CAT to Exhibit at NDA 2014

In my first column of the New Year I stated that “CAT WILL DUMP NDA 2014 CONVENTION.” This is incorrect and a bad choice of words. Cat will exhibit at this year’s convention Feburary 22-25th Las Vegas, NV.

Cat will not host a cocktail party at the convention and this information lead to a misunderstanding that Cat would not attend the convention. There was no malicious intent in the article. We all know that Cat is a great company and has done a lot of good for the Demolition Industry.

My apologies to the Caterpillar people and any others that were hurt, inconvenienced, or mislead by the article.

Below you will find a statement from Neil LeBlanc, representing Caterpillar Inc.

Herb Duane


Statement from Caterpillar Inc.

As most are well aware, Caterpillar has been a long-time member and supporter of the National Demolition Association (formerly the NADC). Over the past 40 years, Caterpillar has provided the NDA with approximately $2 Million in sponsorship revenues, in support of various events associated with their annual convention. This total does not include fees paid to NDA for space rental at each of the annual conventions, along with transportation and logistics expenses for the shipment and handling of our equipment, to the many venues that hosted previous conventions. To be clear, Caterpillar will be displaying our equipment and promoting our services at the upcoming 2014 NDA convention in Las Vegas.

We take great pride in the countless relationships that we have established with North American demolition contractors, over these many years. We have developed durable products specifically designed for the work that our customers do. Our dealers have provided unmatched product support to our customers, regardless of where they are located in the USA and Canada.

We were even first in line to donate funds ($50,000.) towards the creation of the now very successful demolition curriculum, offered today at Purdue University.

Our customers have rewarded us with their friendship and most importantly, their trust. For this, we thank each and every member of the National Demolition Association.

Neil R. LeBlanc
Caterpillar Inc.

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